Sheldon Jottings for May 2012

The Easter cream tea was a bit damp weather-wise (well horrible really) but that didn’t deter the team ready to dispense tea and scones to all comers. They had for the first time a goodies table on which were Sheldon-made cakes, Rocky Road (how did they know this is one of my favourite things), duck and chicken eggs, and other local produce for sale which made over £40; the teas made something similar. The best part was the great spirit that pervaded the group in the Hall that afternoon, and the fun they had…incidentally the Hall looked perfect with the tables beautifully decorated.

Best wishes to Peter and Sarah as they prepare for the baptism of their daughter Harriet. Oliver is to be one of the Godparents, and very pleased about it he is too. Oliver’s Mum, Julia, had a big and important birthday, but I’m not telling which! The family celebrated in style at Hassop Hall, so all best birthday wishes to you, Julia.

What an amazing farming village we are. During a recent family visit, we took our very young city granddaughters to see some genuine farm animals: first to Lindsey’s to see the nineteen piglets, and feed Rebecca, the huge sow; and then to Top Farm with new-born lambs and calves, cows, ducks, cockerels, three turkeys (with Bernard the stag looking very proud) – the ferret didn’t oblige by coming out to see us, and we forgot the pheasant. We finished at Wendy’s, to pat the horses….who needs Chatsworth, it’s all here. We then had fresh eggs (the village the village is awash with fresh eggs for sale) and sausages from Lindsey and Colin’s last two pigs…100% best cuts of pork, truly delicious….she still has some, so get yours while you can.

This precious farming life and history of our village will be celebrated at the May History group meeting (on the 16th) with a visit from the Farming Life Centre. All the Sheldon farming families (past and present) will be invited to record information about the history of farming in Sheldon; our farming families are to be treasured.

April was the AGM of Sheldon Parish Meeting and we warmly welcomed our new residents, Angie and Andy of Lower Farm. It was great to see them, especially as Andy drove back from Bradford specially to come to the meeting. It was our annual elections, and I again felt highly honoured being re-elected as Chairman for another year.

We are an extremely safe village, but it is always good to see the mobile police van which was with us on April 16th, this time selling special security alarms for farming outbuildings, to add to our safety.

Finally, thanks to Oliver who has volunteered (!) to take over from me on village hall mowing duty… thanks Ollie… I’m very grateful.

The Vicar’s coffee morning: May 2nd in the Pub.

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