Sheldon Jottings for April 2018

Well….. March certainly lived up to its billing – ‘In like a lion……’  we have not had snow such as we experienced at the beginning of March for quite some years. It was not just the snow however, but the freezing temperatures and wind chill which accompanied it. While we just hunkered down, many did not have that choice. The farmers were battling with frozen pipes making it difficult to water the animals. At Top Farm the milk lorry could not get through to take the milk away – it comes every other day, but was forced to miss twice. Think of all that milk that had to be wasted!  Even the garage closed. Colin, however, managed to keep the doorstep milk deliveries flowing, despite the weather – brilliant. How does he do it?

We were concerned about our elderly neighbours who usually have regular visits from doctors, district nurses and care workers. They, however, all arrived on time due to the Peak Park Rangers who were ferrying health workers to the villages in their 4 x 4 vehicles. One who had ‘delivered’ two care workers to the village heard of someone stuck in a drift at the bottom of Johnson Lane, nipped down to rescue them and returned in time to take the care workers to their next appointment – great work!

Rosemary and Sam would like to say a very big thank you to Louise and Taz, their neighbours. During this prolonged snowy weather Louise and Taz have made sure to help Rosemary and Sam with their shopping etc, looking after the hens and generally keeping an eye on them. Thank you so much.

April is the month when we welcome the swallows back to our village, soon to be followed by the house martins. Over the years they have become a symbol of Spring to many of us as they arrive, barn doors are left open for them and they quickly begin swooping down to the muddy puddles to start building their nests. The first is usually spotted at the beginning of April but most arrive towards the middle to end of the month. We will be watching anxiously for them to finish their spectacular journey here as there have been fewer arriving in recent years.

Originally observed as a day when people went to their ‘mother church’,  Mothering Sunday later became a day when domestic servants were given the day off work to visit their mother church with their families. The tradition has transformed into the celebration of motherhood we know today. Held on the fourth Sunday of Lent, three weeks before Easter, it was celebrated this year in our beautiful Church with a lovely Service on the 11th March.

Lindsey has been busy as she has gathered the volunteers, ordered the scones, jam and cream so that on Easter Sunday 1st April the doors of the village hall will be flung open for the first Cream Tea of the new season. These teas are a very successful and much needed major fund raising event for the hall. Nowhere else have we ever tasted such superb scones (really large too!) with huge dollops of jam and cream and a great cup of tea. There will be a stall as in previous years with home-made jams, chutneys and other delights. The Teas will be served from 1pm to 5pm, so do come along and support your hall and enjoy a delicious tea into the bargain!

All the Spollie pups (except one which is being kept) born to Oliver’s sheepdog have now been sold. One is going to new owners up in Scotland would you believe….

The Annual General Parish Meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Monday 16th April. Here is a chance to make your feelings and ideas known, meet with neighbours and friends after the long winter and generally take part in the running of your village and community.

As usual the History Group will meet on the third Wednesday of the month which falls on the 18th April. We meet at 7.30pm in the village hall and everyone is most welcome to attend.

Our congratulations go to Gail Hemsley, the winner of the Church Draw this month with number 80.

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