Sheep killed by uncontrolled dog

We’ve just been informed of a boxer-type dog having killed one of the Gregory’s breeding female sheep, worth hundreds of pounds. The incident happened at approximately 14:30 hours, in the fields between Deep Dale and the top of the village.

We understand that a witness saw an adult couple with the dog, which was running free off the lead. Whilst the dog was mauling the sheep, the owners were heard to shout a name similar to “Tyson”. The witness then attempted to speak with the male owner, but we understand that they both just walked away in the direction of Magpie Mine.

This incident has been reported to Derbyshire Police, and we would ask anyone with any information to contact us.


  • The Countryside and Rights of Way Act requires people to keep their dogs on leads around wildlife between 1 March and 31 July and at any time near farm animals.
  • Section 1 of the Protection of Livestock Act makes it a criminal offence for a dog to worry livestock on any agricultural land.
  • Section 3 of the Animals Act imposes a strict liability (i.e. there is no defence) on the keeper of a dog where the dog causes damage by killing or injuring livestock.

Vandalism in the village

May VandalismWhilst cleaning the village noticeboard the other day (which was paid for by a grant from the Peak District National Park Authority), Sheila H noticed that somebody had vandalised it by carving their name, and various other works/pictures into the woodwork.

We hope that the damage is just superficial, but it will cost time and money to repair. This isn’t the first time that property in the village has been vandalised, and we are certainly noticing an increase in antisocial behaviour (e.g. parking, litter, noise, trespassing, dog attacks).

The National Park Authority talks of sustainable tourism, but the sad reality is that tourism has a detrimental impact on the lives of the residents of our village and the wider National Park.

Those of us who are lucky enough to call Sheldon “home” are very happy to share it with visitors who respect our property and the surrounding countryside.

Sheldon Jottings for December 2012

Happy and peaceful Christmas to you all.

Julia was telling us about the timetable for the winter: the milk cows stay in at night and go up to the top yard for silage in the day. They don’t seem to mind! But all the other animals are still sleeping under the stars. The tup has been put to the ewes, so that there will be Easter lambs, due on April 1st. All part of the wonderful rural timetable of Sheldon.

Congratulations to John, top marks overall in his final police exams, 98%, after 10 weeks of hard training. At the passing out parade ceremony on November 9th the student police officers took their ‘oath of attestation’ and received their warrant cards and certificates. The evening finished with tea/coffee and cakes and lots of photographs! John started his shifts as a fully-qualified police officer on Friday 16th November, based at Buxton for the first two years.

Nigel and Mickey’s daughter, Jenny had a son earlier than expected. All is well. Welcome, Oscar to our world! We look forward to seeing him in the village soon. Needless to say Mickey and Nigel are over the moon.

The village bonfire and fireworks evening on November 3rd started with a huge fire at the far end of the playing field before Ian and Andrew’s fantastic pyrotechnics display! More than sixty people then went on up to the hall where Lindsey, Pat and Wendy were prepared with fabulous pies and peas. We were lucky with the weather, even fairly mild at Sheldon heights, although Bron and Tony commented that, being used to Sheldon’s weather, even climbing mountains in the rarefied Himalayan air on their holiday this year had not posed a challenge. It was great to see villagers old and new filling up the hall again, and we missed those that couldn’t make it. Many thanks to everyone.

Welcome to Angie and Andy who have now moved into Lower Farm (at last!). They have been  hard working members of the village community for many months, but only now have they moved finally in after all the renovations. Great to have you with us.

There was a moving and well attended Remembrance Day Service on November 11th in which Brian read one of the readings and Marlene placed a wreath under the memorial in the church for the service men from our village who gave their lives: John Brocklehurst, Thomas Brocklehurst, Anthony Gyte, Alfred Wildgoose and John Sherwin.

The Monyash, Flagg and Sheldon Broadband Project committee have decided upon the next steps for taking this work forward.  The committee has expanded, with more representatives from each village now involved, including Andrew Joly and Andy Ford from Sheldon (in addition to John and Georgina).

Some important dates:

Sunday 23rd December, 4pm at Church – the  Sheldon Carol Service returns.
The next vicar’s coffee morning is on Tuesday 5th February 2013 in the pub (none in December and January)
Sunday 9th December at 9am Holy Communion
Christmas Day at 9am Holy Communion

Elections of the Police and Crime Commissioner

Tomorrow, Thursday 15th November 2012, sees the election of the first Police and Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire. The village hall is the polling station for our locality, and you can vote between the hours of 7am and 10pm.

The new Police and Crime Commissioner will be responsible for holding the Chief Constable and police force to account on the public’s behalf.

Their role will also include:

  • Ensuring that the police force budget is spent where it matters most
  • Regularly meeting and engaging with residents to help to set police and crime plans
  • Working with local authorities, community safety partnerships and local criminal justice boards to ensure there is a unified approach to preventing and reducing crime
  • Setting the amount of local council tax paid towards policing
  • Appointing and, if necessary, dismissing the Chief Constable
  • Delegating the funding to commission services designed to cut crime and tackle drug and anti-social behaviour problems
  • Addressing national issues as well as local concerns

The Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner will oversee how crime is tackled in both the Derbyshire Dales and Derbyshire as a whole and will aim to ensure that the police are providing a good service at all times.

The list of candidates for Derbyshire can be found here.

Sheldon Jottings for November 2012

“He’s bootiful…”

October….harvest time. The farmers have been busy, the gardeners can relax and lay up their treasures for the winter. The cows are happy, and Bernard’s happy! Bernard is the turkey at Top Farm and very proud of himself, particularly as he was originally to be Top Farm’s Christmas lunch last year, but no-one could bear to do the necessaries. So now he struts round in all his finery, with his two turkey lady friends. They are very productive, and as such…Sheldon’s latest delicacy…turkey eggs. Now I’m very fond of poached eggs, and have been known to stretch to the occasional duck egg, but I’m still thinking that turkey poached eggs could just be a mouthful too far. Anyway Harold tells me they are delicious, and he knows about these things.

Harvest festival is always very special in a farming community. Again this year it was a beautiful service in our church, conducted by our new Curate. The church was beautifully decorated with flowers and abundant produce and the pews gleamed. The loaf of bread and the grapes on the altar echoed those in the lovely stained-glass window behind, through which the sun shone. This year it was decided to give the produce offerings directly to a local charity, instead of the usual auction in the village pub.

Congratulations to John. He is now half way through his fast track police training and came out with top marks in the halfway exams. The pressure continues as final exams loom. John will then be attached to Buxton Police Station and continue his training with a mentor.

To celebrate Bonfire Night this year and say a big thank you to Sheldon Day helpers, we are having another bonfire and firework display on the playing field at 7.00pm (Saturday November 3rd) followed by a pea and pie supper in the Village Hall. All are welcome to the fireworks and bonfire, BUT we are limiting the meal to village residents, their families and those who helped this year on Sheldon Day. If you haven’t replied and can come, please contact Andrew Joly (07768 892865) or drop a note into Lindsey at Townend Cottage as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Big celebrations at the Dome in Buxton on Monday October 15th. Ken received his award from the County Council, nominated by me on behalf of the village, for the way he has helped make our village better over such a long time. Ralph Lord also received another award, nominated by Councillor Judith Twigg. Congratulations to both!

Thank you to everyone for all your good wishes after my recent short stay in hospital. I escaped, commando style as Sheila put it, as quickly as I could, and am now resting at home. I was therefore unable to attend the Parish Meeting. However, Georgina chaired it in my place, and did so excellently with Sheila’s help and support.

Vicar’s coffee morning: Tuesday November 6th