Sheldon is a non-designated settlement, part of which is in a conservation area, in a National Park. As such, it is afforded the highest level of protection against inappropriate and unsustainable development.

Development within the Peak District National Park is governed by the National Park Authority, and permission is determined with reference to the Local Plan and the Local Development Framework Core Strategy.

If you’d like to report a planning breach, please contact the Peak District National Park Authority.

Sheldon Parish Meeting is consulted on all planning applications made within the Parish. It is possible for residents to comment on any planning applications independently of the Parish Meeting using the National Park Authority’s website. Links to the latest three planning applications within, or affecting, the Parish are provided below:

The Hayloft Main Street Sheldon
Conversion of barn to dwelling.

Manor Farm Johnson Lane Sheldon
Discharge of conditions 6, 12 and 14 on NP/DDD/0817/0897

Manor Farm Johnson Lane Sheldon
Change of use of barns to 4 holiday units

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