What’s in the Moth Trap 2014

I have been so busy with work this year, I am afraid I have not found the time to post anything much on here. So apologies for that. Likewise I have not had time to put the moth trap out until this Sunday night (24th August), when I recorded 14 species, six of which I have not recorded here before:

  • Large Yellow Underwing
  • Lesser Yellow Underwing
  • Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing
  • Lunar Yellow Underwing*
  • Brimstone Moth
  • Dark Marbled Carpet*
  • Dusky Thorn*
  • The Crescent*
  • Scarce Brindle*
  • Clouded Drab
  • Square-spot Rustic
  • Common Rustic
  • Centre-barred Sallow*
  • Dark Arches

* Species not recorded previously.

Centre-barred Sallow42

Centre-barred Sallow

Dusky Thorn41

Dusky Thorn