Freshly Painted Telephone Box

K6 Telephone Box

K6 Telephone Box

Our red “K6” telephone box, that has sat proudly in the middle of the village since sometime between 1935 and 1952, was repainted by BT at the beginning of September after being asked to by the Parish Meeting. The telephone box was looking rather unloved, and was in desperate need of a paint and clean; we think you’ll agree that it now looks rather splendid.

The Parish Meeting has fought hard over the years to keep the phonebox in the village, and we are currently looking into having it listed to afford it further protection against removal.

Wikipedia has the following to say about the “K6”

In 1935 the K6 (kiosk number six) was designed to commemorate the silver jubilee of King George V. K6 was the first red telephone kiosk to be extensively used outside London, and many thousands were deployed in virtually every town and city, replacing most of the existing kiosks and establishing thousands of new sites. It has become a British icon, although it was not universally loved at the start. The red colour caused particular local difficulties and there were many requests for less visible colours. The red that is now much loved was then anything but, and the Post Office was forced into allowing a less strident grey with red glazing bars scheme for areas of natural and architectural beauty. Ironically, some of these areas that have preserved their telephone boxes have now painted them red.

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