Sheldon Day 2022 Results

Thank you to everyone who helped make Sheldon Day such a success this year. As always, the funds we raise are put back into the community to support all our village amenities, including our Village Hall (keeping our public toilets open in the summer), our beautiful playing field, and our church fabric.

Sheldon Day 2022 Proceeds, Expenses and Total

Sheldon Day came back this year with a real bang! Not only do we think we had more people than ever (I know we always say that, but Phil says there were more cars in the car park and around the top of the village than he’s ever seen), but we also made more than ever this year for our village amenities: £5,357.63!  

I really didn’t think this year would be the one where we broke our record again, but we did!

This is a truly extraordinary total – and made up by every event and activity, from small to large – that contributed to such an great day.   

As always, it’s impossible to thank everyone who helps, as it’s a very large part of the village, but it’s a lot of work for everyone, from weeks and months before, planning, right through to the tractor run and sorting the money and accounts weeks later. It is always extraordinary how generous people are with their time and how wonderfully everyone works together in such a small village.

So, thank you to everyone who helped make this happen, and also, particularly, a very very big thank you to the Sheldon Day Group, for everything they do. Thank you, Andrew


Ball Race                                           £320.30

BBQ & Hog Roast                             £150.00

Bottle Darts                                       £274.55

Bran Tub                                            £25.00

Bric-a-brac                                         £112.05

Cakes                                                £400.00

Car Parking                                       £99.00

Chocolate Tombola                          £200.00

Coconut Shy                                     £30.60

Cream Teas                                       £940.00

Dog Show                                         £100.00

Egg Throwing                                   £32.00

Fell Race                                           £850.00

Miscellaneous                                   £25.44

Path of Silver                                     £40.03

Plants & Books                                 £125.45

Produce                                             £17.50                      

Raffle                                                  £1832.00

Splat the rat                                       £50.00

Sponsorship and donations            £200.00     

Tractor Run                                       £620.00

Welly Wanging                                 £107.50

Proceeds Sub Total                          £6551.42


Raffle License & Tickets                  £94.40                   

Brass Band                                       £220.00

Publicity                                            £104.10

Prizes & other expenses                  £72.69

Magician                                            £195.00

St Johns Ambulance                        £115.20

Cream Teas                                       £101.20

Raffle Prize                                       £200.00

Peak Advertiser                                £ 91.20

Expenses Sub Total                         £1193.79

GRAND TOTAL RAISED 2022: £ 5357.63